Just a brief note to thank you for helping my ageing and decrepit body prolong its active life. Your reputation for excellence and expertise is well deserved. Many thanks again.


I finnished the marathon! Without stopping or walking, slightly slower than before, but I feel good. And thanks to your help I completed the race, thanks so much.


It's been 18 months since I fell and smashed my kneecap into bits, and I'm sure you rememeber the struggles we had getting it to bend. I thought I would like to contact you to tell you how much it has improved. At the time I could only flex it to 30 degrees, at times a bit more, but now I can flex it at ease to 120 degrees. My knee continues to feel stronger and I am able to tackle stairs, both up and down, leading with either foot with confidence as well as rough walking in the countryside.


Guess what?...you are now the physio of a team GB athlete!! My son has been selected for the GB U20's team. So excited when his GB kit arrived! He has been injury free since your work on his legs, and I've just realized, watching him on video in his last race, how huge his legs have become.


Having a shoulder injury which was both painful and debilitating, I consulted Suzanne. Having identified the injury she then explained to me clearly what had happened and what we needed to do to repair the damage. With her very professional but relaxed treatment and clear and easy to follow exercises, my shoulder is well on the road to recovery. I cannot thank her enough.


My son is doing really well, the last consultant letter confirmed he is fit to go hiking (in the Himalayas) after a kneecap fracture and he's had no problems at all.    I would just like to thank you so much for the care, and advice you have given him, his knee is good and his muscles have built back up. It doesn't actually seem possible that from an injury like that he is now able to do the trip to the Himalayas!


I would like to sincerely thank you for your massive help with my recovery following the serious road cycling accident I experienced in the summer, and in particular the acupuncture which almost overnight resolved my serious low back pain following 40 nights of very disturbed sleep and painful days.   While I still have some way to go before returning back to my best cycling and running racing form, the continued recovery treatment has enabled me to return to cycling (at a slower more careful pace for the moment......!) whilst working towards a 100% recovery!


After two knee replacements and a very pleasurable rehabilitation period at Wadhurst physiotherapy clinic, I am now playing 18 holes of golf again. Without a buggy.   Thankyou!


I've been meaning to contact you for ages to say 'thanks'. You saw me at short notice just before Christmas when I had a very painful neck. After that single session, the pain had completely gone- so I didn't come back. It's really impressive that a single session can be so effective.


Always friendly, always knowledgeable, always effective. Thank goodness they are there!


The frustration I felt when my back went and all movement hurt. With 2 small children and a goal to run my first 10km race, it was not good.I saw Suzanne who massaged my muscles and manipulated my back, so that I could move again. With the right exercises I am now running again. And loving it!


I am delighted to say the Duke of Edinburgh walk was succesful due to your expert help and awesome last minute taping! We will certainly come back if we have any concerns in the future