Massage therapy

We have an amazing massage therapist in our clinic

Deborah has been practising massage therapy for over 11years… including holistic, deep tissue, sports massage, injury rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation, Myofascial Release, pregnancy, Indian head massage, Thai foot massage and chair massage.

Deborah uses various techniques so no two treatments are the same, they are tailored to the individual’s needs whether it’s to rehabilitate an injury, ease a long term condition, part of a training program, maintenance or simply for relaxation.
What to expect Deborah works by the rule of ‘don’t follow the pain but find the source! A consultation will be undertaken on your first visit in order for a Deborah to devise the treatment plan for you. 
Massage isn’t just for pain, it can help aid sleep issues, relieve stress, anxiety, headaches and much more. 
Will it be painful?Well this also really depends on the level of you pressure you like as an individual but on occasion deep tissue and sports massage techniques can cause some muscular soreness, which tends to lasts a day or so after.